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Magnetic therapy


Magnetotherapy improves the supplying of body cells to nutrients and other substances essential for life!

It increases the alkalinity of body fluids, which is one of the main signs of a healthy functioning of the body. Body fluids under the influence of the magnetic field become alkaline, and the alkaline liquid can transfer more oxygen than the liquid whose pH value goes towards acidity. It has been scientifically established that the pH of a healthy human body’s fluid is greater than the pH of the diseased person.

Supports unhindered cell regeneration by maintaining the electromagnetic balance of the cells and the nervous system.
The cell potential is the electrical potential of the cell, which at a healthy person is about 700mV. When a person is ill, the potential of the cells decreases. It is also known that our cells have a positive and negative electromagnetic charge. When poles are equal in strength, the cells are in balance, and our body is healthy. Magnetotherapy returns balance to cells.

It is used in:
– Sports medicine,
– Rheumatology,
– Neurology,
– Traumatology,
– Orthopedics,
– Gynecology,
– Urology,

Successfully applied at the treatment of musculoskeletal sports injuries, spasms, edemas, fractures, muscle pain, tennis elbow, shoulder and hip pains;
– Pain in the neck, along the arm (brachialgia) followed by truncation, back pain, sacrum, along the leg (ishialgia), discus hernia;
– In the post-stroke condition-stroke condition;
– Conditions after car accidents, injuries to peripheral nerves.
– After fracture – acceleration of bone healing, conditions after immobilization, muscle strengthening, osteoporosis;
– In case of damage to the cartilage of the knee (meniscus) and hips, arthritis;
– In urogenital incontinence, weakness of the sphincter, acute – chronic urogenital pain, postpartum recovery of the pelvic floor, strengthening of the pelvic floor muscle;
– In chronic prostatitis, benign enlargement of the prostate, problems with urinating, rehabilitation after prostectomy;
– In case of sexual dysfunction, erectile dysfunction.

Non-invasive, non-contact and very comfortable effective therapy. A deep penetrating effect, 10 cm deep, is what makes it a unique treatment device